Feb 032013

This here’s the fall-down-funniest response I’ve seen yet to the video of the rather excitable Atlanta woman getting electroenzapulated. The language is seriously NSFW. It goes on for 12+ minutes, but the first minute or so is jam-packed with memorable quotables.

[youtube fm43IeuMTvE]

It seems that if you want a verbose and entertaining verbal smackdown of a black woman behaving badly, you go to a religious gay black man.

“The Slap-A-B*tch Coalition”

“I don’t care about that man zappin’ the sh*t out of that damn woman in front of her children”

“I don’t have kids, cuz I’m afraid they’re gonna look like that, and they gonna act like that”

“Slug with a wig on”

“They look like they was on a commercial, asking for five cent a day”

“Electricity will change your life”

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