Jan 312013

Very likely this is old news to y’all, but just in case…

1) A pastor and her friends (a total of more than 20 people) go to Applebees. Applebees system automatically puts an 18% gratuity on the bill for more than 6 people (the actual group was more than 20). The pastor scribbles out the 18% and writes in: “I give God 10% why do you get 18” and writes in “0” for the tip.

2) Another server at Applebees photographs the bill, and posts it to the Atheism page on Reddit… without obscuring the pastors signiture

3) The Internet does what it does, and finds the pastor. Pastor calls Applebees and demands that everyone involved be fired.

4) Applebees fires the server who posted the photo, because “customer privacy.”

5) The Smoking Gun interviews the pastor, one Alois Bell, and splashes her photo across Teh Intarwebs.

6) *Now* the pastor is embarrassed.

There are three dumbasses here. The pastor, the server, Applebees management. The pastor was, I think, the worst of the bunch: the server was just a little thoughtless in not cropping the signature; Applebees management are probably much like any collection of corporate drones, incapable of thinking outside of some rulebook. But the pastor was beyond thoughtless, she was *mean.* And some might consider a worse problem was that, as a pastor, she’s something of an ambassador for her faith. And who wants to sign on to a faith where the local figurehead is such a jackass?

Well, not too many, it seems. Her “church” is a rented storefront, with a congregation of about 15. The pastor claims to tithe 10% of her income from another job to the church… but since she pretty much *is* the church, I fail to see any heroics there.

As for Applebees… they’ve just dug themselves a PR nightmare. Wait till Anonymous or the /b/tards get hold of this…

A comment I saw on one of the Youtube videos noted the irony that it took an atheism discussion board to teach this preacher some humility.

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  • LordJim

    There is no humility on /r/atheism. /r/atheism is pretty everything that is wrong with modern atheism and makes atheists seem on par with religious nutcases.

  • B-Sabre

    The first commandment should always be “Be not thou a dick.”

  • Fat Freddy

    Preaching on Sunday does not make a man of god.

  • Rick

    some servers at these joints are so bad they should cut 10% off of the bill.

    What we have here is the problem of an entitlment culture. Automatically assuming a tip amount as if the server did anything more than replicate a drive thru callbox and a cheap line follower robot is one. The second is a company that tries to cut it’s expenses by not factoring competitive employee wages into it’s pricing model, and third, an individual customer or group that, when knowing the meal price is subsidized by shady tipping theory, still takes the cheapest way out.

    • publiusr

      Entitlement culture? Everything goes up but wages. Like a lot of the religious right, she talks Jesus, but walks Mammon. I refuse to do business with Applebees due to vindictive cutting of hours over a political outcome their bosses wanted to punish workers over. Were I not dirt poor myself, I would walk in, buy a cup of water, tip the worker 20 bucks, and go eat elsewhere.

    • Brianna

      These people get paid less than min wage on the assumption that tips make up the difference. If a waitress/waiter is serving a large party, it’s pretty reasonable to mandate a gratuity.