Jan 282013

[youtube WmbMd_KxEM0]

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  • Egor Petrov

    But we never get bored here.

    • General Zhukov

      Love to see some “militaria” tours of Russia. Tank factories/proving grounds. Aircraft museums etc etc etc. That would be cool.

  • publiusr

    I love your country. Sadly, last I heard, many young people there don’t care as much about space. I am hoping that things change. With the amount of money you are paying Kazakhs, you could build Sea Dragon at a shipyard. Imagine, every ruble for space also helping Russian shipyard workers.

  • a visitor

    Only in USA: military helicopters firing over Miami city in Florida.

    As for the tank – this is a road near the world’s largest tank factory. Car with camera stopped at a crossroad leading from the factory to factory proving grounds. You can see red stoplight in a frame corner (as noted in one of the YT comments). Tank going across the road there is nothing special.