Jan 262013

Sheriff Clarke: “Calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option”

Short form: Sheriff David Clarke of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s office released a PSA telling people that they should consider providing for their own defense, rather than planning on passivity.

Surprisingly, some people have a problem with this, including the mayor of Milwaukee, Tom Barrett, whose office released this statement: “Apparently Sheriff David Clark (sp) is auditioning for the next Dirty Harry movie.”

Besides not making any real sense whatsoever (how does a cop telling people that he *won’t* be able to be show up immediately in the event of a crime make him “Dirty Harry?”), this opened Barrett up to this from Sheriff Clarke: “Several years ago a tire iron-wielding suspect beat Mayor Tom Barrett to within inches of his life.  I would think that he would be a lot more sensitive to people being able to defend themselves in such instances.  A firearm and a plan of defense would have come in handy for him that day.”


[youtube a2gCFOtaZPo]

[youtube A5PrqQLWmoU]

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  • LordJim

    Perhaps he is just an incompetent Sheriff.

    • Anonymous

      What makes you say that? Would a competent sheriff be able to stop every crime?

      Think of it this way: Would it reduce drownings if beaches had more lifeguards? Probably. But would adding more lifeguards mean that swimmers would no longer need to learn to swim or avoid rip tides or swim too far out to sea or go play with the sharks?

      The role of the police is *not* to protect you. *They* *can’t.* The role of the police is to pick up the pieces afterwards.

      • publiusr

        Something just struck me–some developments. I think Clinton suggested bullets be given an expiration date.

        Tell me, could someone develop a cordite/gunpoweder eating bug? I think Bush 41 was looking at exterminating the coca leaf plants similarly.


        • B-Sabre

          The problem would be that most of the gunpowder is sealed away in nice, airtight containers (the cartridges). Even gunpowder not in cartridges is usually stored in airtight metal containers to keep it away from moisture. There would be no way of ingress for the “bug” unless it was introduced into the mix prior to the powder being loaded into the cartridge or container.

          There was talk of “tagging” gunpowder with microdots so that theoretically you could trace the source of the powder used at a crime scene to a specific lot of ammunition. But the problems of how much that would narrow things down if the lot is 10 million rounds, or with cross-contamination of the crime scene with older taggants, is left to the reader.

        • Brianna

          I hope nobody’s so stupid as to try and create some sort of gunpowder or cacao-eating microbe. Can anyone say, “Unintended consequences”?

          • Anonymous

            I *can* see someone stupid enough to try exactly that. In fact, as genetic tech gets easier, cheaper and smaller, it won’t be too long before you can have a genetic lab/bug-grown’ factory in something the size of a flash drive. Couple that with a 2020-era laptop and some files downloaded off the web, and every jackass with a dream will start crankin’ out designer bugs to eat gunpowder or oil or plastic or feathers or skin or hemoglobin or glass.

            Why do you think I want to get *off* this planet???

  • Ken R

    There’s a gentleman named Oleg Volk who advocates armed self defense. Some of the pics on his site have captions like “911: When seconds count the police are only minutes away” and “Why wait for distant rescuers when you are already at the scene?”. He is especially in favor of women having guns to protect themselves.

    His site is :


    His guns album:


  • somewhat of an aside, but what type of safe was that under the fetching young lady’s bed?

  • B-Sabre

    The only nit I would pick with the commercial is that, after the 2nd knock or the banging on the door started, the young lady should have been on the phone to police, while she was getting her gun.

    But, it is a commercial for Glock.