Jan 232013

It has been a long time since mail was a common item of dress. However, I think if I had to go to New York in the future, I’d look into getting some mail, perhaps incorporated into a long coat. Why? Well, it’d be heavy, and would thus make for a decent workout. Plus, it’d be handy if someone tried to stab me. But most importantly: to annoy the New York police state.

NYPD Commissioner says department will begin testing  a new high-tech device that scans for concealed weapons

The NYPD is procuring some nice expensive scanners that can apparently “see” concealed weapons. The description in the article is a bit fuzzy… it claims that “people and inanimate objects” emit terahertz radiation, which concealed guns would block, and would thus be visible to the scanner. But regardless of how it works, a metal mesh – such as a mail jacket – would seem likely to well and truly mess with the scanning system. Not to mention metal detectors, of course.

It’s irritating enough to be under a microscope at an airport, which at least has the excuse of being private property. But out on the street? Bah. Seems a 4th Amendment issue.

I’m not alone in this, either…

Anti-Drone Camouflage: What to Wear in Total Surveillance

Fight the machine.

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  • Michael the Somewhat Civilized

    A long time, ago, I wore a chain mail shirt for a couple of hours, showing it off at a “Ren Faire” in Philadelphia. It’s not uncomfortable. It’s not much of a workout because it’s so close to the body and balanced very well. I’ve always wanted to have my own shirt but it’s always too expensive. (No, I wasn’t going to the party. My group happened to walk by, I asked about the mail, and the guy offered to let me wear it so I could tell buyers how pleasant it is to wear chain mail.)
    I read recently that those shiny sweaters women wear block the scanners, too. Oddly, the TSA didn’t stop the woman writing about her experience.

    • publiusr

      I’ll remember that. Now to hide the derringer in my spiked heels

  • allen

    “terahertz radiation” is just far infrared. like a heat lamp. this is the same tech as the “naked body scanners” they were using in airports.


    this copper grid might solve the problem better than chainmail. or even better have people cut out “gun” and “knife” shapes, sew them into your clothing, and deliberately get yourself scanned. enough people do that, maybe they’ll give up.

    • Anonymous

      > “terahertz radiation” is just far infrared.

      Ah. Easy to screw with, then.

      > this copper grid

      Good old fashion tinfoil. It’s not just for hats anymore!

      • allen

        apparently they feel using “terahertz radiation” makes it sound more sophisticated.

        “we put you under a heat lamp and measure the return” doesn’t inspire much confidence. nor does it get people to be “afraid” of the radiation. these are the same people that show up at nuclear power plants with protest signs that have mushroom clouds on them.

    • Michael the Somewhat Civilized

      I like the idea of cutting out shapes. A long time ago on a TV show the bad guy placed on a good guy’s laptop a transparent stick-on with a magnetic image of a pistol, for that moment when he went through an airport scanner. We can do part of that easily, with a transparency, but is it possible to get “clear” “magnetic” ink for one’s printer?