Jan 232013

Neighbor’s son rescues man from apartment fire

Read the first sentence and tell me just how happy a story this really is.

Via, unsurprisingly, Fark, where we get relevant comments such as:

That shiat is like the first few minutes of Up.


There’s an old guy that hangs out at the bar I frequent….one day a couple of years ago, he comes up and asked me to sign his birthday card….that he bought for himself for his 75th b-day…felt kinda bad for the guy..so, I signed it, and bought him a beer and then played Happy Birthday on the jukebox for him, at which time, he promptly starts crying and won’t stop thanking me and shaking my hand….then I just felt horrible for the old guy, realizing that his only “friends” were those of us he see’s at the bar once or twice a week.

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