Jan 202013

Massachusetts State Representative David Linsky has proffered a bill that would, and I quote:

Section 3

Removes Assault Weapon Ban loophole by banning private transfer of pre-1994 assault weapon; requires them to be stored at gun clubs or shooting ranges, or transferred to law enforcement.

There is of course much more. But I found this bit to be especially historic.

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  • Anonymous

    Massachusetts has been virulently anti-gun ever since the Kennedys got themselves shot. Compare that to our (VT) gun laws. Oh, that’s right, we don’t have any (for now).

    • allen

      I’d say NH and VT should get together, free maine from it’s yoke of slavery, and declare our own independent corner of the country. it would be like texas, only colder, with less oil, and less flat.

      put up a wall at the MA and NY borders, and tell them to go to hell.

      • Anonymous

        Been written about already:


        Problem is is that then we have to deal with the Queebs.

        • BSabre

          I understand some penicillin will clear that right up.

          • Anonymous

            Penicillin doesn’t cure the morbidly obese man in a Speedo syndrome all too common to my summers here on the Burlington Coast.

        • allen

          quebecois are easy enough to deal with. swear at them in french until they swear back in english. then you tell them to get the hell out, since you’ve then established that they understand english.