Jan 092013

So Piers Morgan had a whole show about guns Monday night. He brought on a bunch of people to agree with him that “Guns ur bad, m’kay,” and a very few to argue the other side. One that he interviewed was world-class conspiracy whackjob Alex Jones, who thinks that the Bush administration was behind 911. I saw part of that… it was painful. Jones went full-bore bugnuts, ranting and raving. You can probably find the video on Youtube (it’s late and I’m tired).

I wouldn’t have brought it up except that someone on Fark *nailed* the situation:

Alex Jones is a nut and a kook, and I can only think of a few reasons for Piers Morgan to give him airtime, none of which reflect well on Morgan:

1) Morgan believes that Jones is representative of the political right, in which case Morgan is an ignorant fool.
2) Morgan wants to falsely portray Jones as representative of the political right, in which case Morgan is a disingenuous partisan hack.
3) This was a ratings stunt, in which case Morgan is sleazeball who will put anything on the air if it grabs a few extra eyeballs.

I personally expect that #2 is the real story here. Morgan is hardly an idiot; you don’t sleaze your way to wealth and fame as he’s done while being an ignorant fool. But he has shown himself to be of low character and desperately opposed to the right to keep and bear arms. What better way to tar the opposition than to find and promote the most unhinged kook who just happens to share *one* belief with the opposition?

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  • Jeremy Clarkson should be interviewed by Piers Morgan….

  • se jones

    Who are these people?

    • Nick P.

      Some assholes.

  • allen

    Alex Jones is a product of the same program that produced Hal Turner, which is part of the ongoing PATCON operation from the 1980’s



    they get him to say something that gets people to act, then they arrest the people who acted and cut Alex or Hal a check. Alex is on this show purely to paint ALL gun owners as conspiracy-theory nutjobs. #2 may be correct…but I think Jones and his “handlers” are in on the gag.

  • Peter Hanely

    Regarding the 2nd Amendment, Alex Jones is correct. The stats Piers Morgan wants to focus on are a minutia, distraction from the larger issue. But Alex Jones presents his position in the worst possible way, as an uber jerk, harming the debate.

  • One of the things he said that if guns were banned things would go 1776 does this mean everyone would be using muskets?

    • Anonymous

      In a figurative sense, I suppose. Muskets were the “assault weapons” of the time… if the British soldiers could’ve used AR-15’s, they would’ve.

  • publiusr

    Talk over John Lott, but let Alex embarrass himself and slime the GOP indirectly. You have to say this, Morgan played his hand well. Ironically it was Alec Baldwin who took him to task over the tabloids.