Jan 012013

After xkcd ran the Up Goer 5 image that referenced my website, I put the 74-inch Saturn V print back into production on a limited basis. Due to the print shop that was *supposed* to do this completely flaking out, and the sudden and wholly unexpected arrival of Christmas and some cross-continent traveling, the process was a bit of a mess and took longer than expected. But I got the prints printed and shipped. NOTE: future prints will be printed by yet another print shop, using heavier weight paper than was used on the first run of Saturn V’s, and a better printing process. I’ve had a few test articles printed, and they’re better than the first Sat V run in all respects.

I received several emails to the effect that “74 inches long is nice, but how about printing them at a specific *scale?*” And you know… that’s not a bad idea. The 74-inch Saturn V print turned out to be fairly close to 1/72 scale… if it was 71.2 inches long, it’d be 1/72 scale. So… huzzah! Future prints will be at 1/72 scale. The three inch shorter length will hardly be noticable.

I have a number of related illustrations that would go well with this. Most importantly, I will also produce a 1/72 print of the Saturn Ib. It’s done in the same style and by the same organization (Marshall Space Flight Center) as the Saturn V. In this case, the copy of the diagram I have was a black and white line drawing, not a blueprint like the Saturn V. From an engineering standpoint, B&W lines are what you want… but for the standpoint of art, blueprint rules. So… I reworked the Saturn Ib diagram into a proper blueprint, using color cues from the Saturn V. At 1/72, the print will be 42.3 inches long.

I also converted a similar drawing of the Saturn Ib with UA-1205 120-inch solid rockets boosters (as used on the Titan IIIC), also produced by MSFC. The original was not quite as clear, but it still looks pretty spiffy at 1/72 scale. It’s 42.6 inches long.

I’m also looking at 1/144 versions of these. The Saturn V drawing on its own at 1/144 is a respectable 35.6 inches long… but only 5 inches wide. It looks a little strange at that size. So what I’m planning on doing is creating a print with both the Saturn Ib and V together at 1/144 scale. It’ll be about 35.6 inches long, about 10 inches wide. The simplest solution would be to simply put the two images together, but that seems a bit lazy. So I’m considering two options:

1) Get rid of the borders and title blocks

2) Create a wholly new border and title block. Since this won’t be accurate to the NASA original, the title block would be all-new.

Given that the Saturn Ib is substantially shorter than the Saturn V, this leaves a good deal of blank space above it. This could be filled with data, a fat title, more diagrams (the Apollo CSM, at a different scale perhaps), or just blank space. Advice sought.

Also: not to any particular scale, a “Saturn V Apollo Flight Configuration” cutaway diagram of the Saturn V with parts callouts. This was also originally B&W and converted to blueprint. It will be 18 inches wide by about 35.4 inches tall.

Also: not to any particular scale, a set of Lunar Module equipment location diagrams, also converted from B&W to blueprint. This will be about 32 inches wide by 18 inches tall.

Currently being worked on: a big cutaway blueprint of Skylab. You’ve probably seen a version of this illustration before, but not at this size or clarity. It has been painstakingly assembled from a series of hi-rez photos of the original I took at a NASA archive, and is being converted to “blueprint.” The illustration shown below is a mockup; it’s not quite ready yet. There will be text descriptions of all the callouts. It’s currently looking to be about 40 inches by 24. I may do a smaller version (perhaps as a cyanotype print at 18X24 inches).

And because why not: An upconverted blueprint of a Convair design for a supersonic nuclear powered seaplane bomber from 1956. Not to any particular scale, just the same size as the original I have on-hand, it’ll be about 22.5 by 11 inches.

Below are JPGs of what I’m working on. These have all been scaled down to 10% of full size; this way you can compare sizes directly. NONE ARE AVAILABLE FOR SALE JUST YET. I would like to get an idea of how much interest there is before setting the print shop (a *third* shop… slightly more expensive than the one that ran the Saturn Vs, but I like their work better) going. So if you are interested in any of these, let me know via commenting or (preferred) email to scottlowtherAT up-shipDOTcom. Let me know how many of which you’d be willing to buy.

Prices are tentatively expected to be:

1/72 Saturn V: $35

1/72 Saturn Ib:$20

1/72 Saturn Ib w/SRMs: $20

1/144 Saturn Ib/V: $18

Sat V Apollo flight configuration: $30

LM Equipment: $27

Skylab: $38

Convair nuke seaplane: $12

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  • I would buy a Saturn IB with SRMs and the 1/144th version of the Saturn V, just because at that size it’s easier to matte and frame.

  • Anonymous

    They look great. I’d buy at 1/144 scale b/c it’s smaller and more manageable. Great work!

  • BrunoG

    I’ll buy the 1/72 Saturn V and stick it in a frame on the door to my hobby room!

  • alien2063

    1/72 Saturn V – sure
    Skylab – most probably
    LM – maybe

  • BrianKF

    All of these look fantastic. I wonder if a white border could be left around each image? The print would loose some of the feeling of the original, but it would make framing much easier, and each of these deserves to be on a wall.

  • DouglasVB

    I am interested in the Saturn 5 at the 1/72 scale. Actually I am interested in all of the spacecraft. The huge print is what I am most interested in though.

  • I would buy at Saturn 5 (1/72) or S1B

  • JP

    Given that the Saturn Ib is substantially shorter than the Saturn V, this leaves a good deal of blank space above it. This could be filled with data, a fat title, more diagrams (the Apollo CSM, at a different scale perhaps), or just blank space. Advice sought.
    How about the milkstool under the S1-b?

    • Anonymous

      > How about the milkstool under the S1-b?

      Not a bad idea. Now if I only had adequate diagrams of it…

      • There’s got to be some on the Yahoo Apollo group

  • kbob42

    Definitly the SkyLab, probably the LM and the 1/72 Saturn Ib w/SRMs

  • Anonymous

    1/72 Sat V
    and put me down for an ISS when you get/do that one. 🙂

  • MikeJ

    I’m in for one of each

  • X

    The 1/144 scale Saturn V/1B sounds good for me. CSM and LM in the blank space would be preferred, but anything’s good. I don’t have room to display a 1/72 scale blueprint, and if I can’t display it, then there’s no point in me buying it. Thanks!

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  • ChristianT

    I would take a 1/144 Saturn Ib/V.

  • The 1/144 scale with the LM in the upper corner is more suitable for an office frame up… I would be very interested in that. Nice job!!! I’ll add myself to your contact list.

  • Equites

    A saturn V would be amazing. Let me know if you have any left!

    • Anonymous

      The regular ordering webpage for the Sat V and others was going to be uploaded today, but I had so much trouble with the website the last day, and stayed up so late trying to get it right again, and then had so much else to do today… it should go up tomorrow.