Dec 302012

… to not knuckle under to the gun grabbers:

Deport me? If America won’t change its crazy gun laws… I may deport myself says Piers Morgan

Where we can read some real whoppers:

1) I have fired guns only once in my life… our group were let loose on everything from Magnum 45 handguns

.45 Magnum? Hmm.

2) After the shootings at a cinema in Aurora, Colorado, in July – where 70 people were hit, the worst victim-count in such an incident in US history, and 12 people died – sales of guns in the state rose by a staggering 41 per cent in the following month as people bought into the theory that if everyone in the theatre had been armed too, they’d have stopped the shooter.

Sure. That‘s why people are buying guns now. Not because they’re afraid that Morgans fellow travellers might succeed in getting them made illegal.
3)  I can saunter into Walmart – America’s version of Tesco – and help myself to an armful of AR-15 assault rifles and magazines that can carry up to 100 bullets at a time.

Umm. A) Does Wal-Mart carry 100-round Betamags? I’ve never seen ’em. B) As a foreign national, can he simply help himself to an armful of AR-15’s? 
4) The AR-15 looks and behaves like a military weapon
A) The AR-15 “behaves?” Wow, he really does think that guns have minds of their own. B) Since when is an AR-15 select fire?
5) No member of the public has any need for a death machine
A) No member of the public has any need to watch Piers Morgan. Does that lack of need mean he should be banned from TV? B) There are hundreds of thousands of AR-15s owned by members of the public that are used with some regularity… and are not “death machines.”
6) Obama should follow up by launching a Government buy-back for all existing assault weapons in circulation (as worked successfully in Los Angeles last week). I would go further, confiscating the rest and enforcing tough prison sentences on those who still insist on keeping one.
The LA buyback gave, IIRC, $200 per long gun. The AR-15 starts at a *minimum* of about $600. So Piers is starting off by saying that the government should steal at least $400 from its citizens. Then he wants to imprison millions of people who have harmed *nobody.*
> The ‘more guns, less crime’ argument is utter nonsense.

Except, of course, that it is not. See: Chicago.
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  • sferrin

    Piers Morgan is a complete douche. Even the UK doesn’t want him back.

  • publiusr

    All buy-backs do is get rid of puny .22s and ancient revolvers–that’s all I ever see on tables after these things. Some of them probably stolen and never returned to rightful owners.

  • Ken R

    If you want to study rifle behavior, there’s always “”.

    I’ve got to warn you, its pretty boring. The AR-15 in the webcam hasn’t jumped up and assaulted anybody. Not even once.

    I wouldn’t mind if Mr Morgan decided to go somewhere else, maybe to Mexico where he can report on the overwhelming success of Mexico’s firearms restrictions. I’m being sarcastic, BTW. I had my fill of him a long time ago.