Dec 292012

Even in Russia, having a jetliner crash right next to you while you’re bopping down the road, chucking landing gear into the car ahead of you, can’t be a daily occurrence. Once a week, tops.

Russian passenger jet crashes at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport

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  • publiusr

    Looks like they are calling it pilot error. Also, the recent Super-Jet crash looked to be a CFIT

  • Nick P.

    I love how the car which gets thwacked by the wheel just kind of keeps going, you know, move along, nothing to see here.

    • Anonymous

      There’s a good case to be made against hanging around when someone starts throwing airplane parts at you.

      • Nick P.

        Which is one way to look at it, on the other hand I’d probably get out, hop over the railing and start LOOKING FOR SURVIVORS.

        Science knows if I was lying in the twisted wreckage of a crashed airplane with two broken legs I sure would appreciate someone nearby manhandling me out of there rather than rolling on by like nothing happened.

        • Anonymous

          Two responses:
          1) (Smartass) You sound like one of those gun nuts who say that if TSHTF, they’d pop up guns a’blazin’ and save the day…
          2) (Non-smartass) Look at it from the drivers perspective: he’s bopping down the road minding his own business, like as not eating a sammich or yapping on the phone, when OUT OF NOWHERE something slams his car, very possibly causing substantial injury to a hypothetical passenger. In such a circumstance, when you have *no* *idea* what just happened except that your car just came under attack and you have injuries on-board that need seeing to by professionals ASAP, do you *stop?* There’s no reason to believe that the driver actually understood that a jetliner just crashed.