Dec 292012

Not much info on this as yet. An early 1958 General Electric study to provide the Snark intercontinental cruise missile with a nuclear turbojet to give the craft 200 hours of Mach 0.9 performance at 30,000 feet. As the Snark had only a single warhead, it’s not at all clear what this performance was hoped to accomplish. Best guess: These things would be launched, and then the Soviets would be told they’re out there, just orbiting around awaiting a “come home” code. Code not received… Snarks wander on in into the USSR and cause a ruckus. Sort of a last chance for Uncle Joe to get his nonsense under control. If the “come home” code was sent, presumably the Snarks would ditch in the ocean, either for recovery, or to plunge straight to the bottom.

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  • Rick

    a saner version of Project Pluto?