Dec 272012

200 Utah teachers to attend concealed gun training after Connecticut

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  • Joe

    And if that doesn’t work, we can count on the kids to protect themselves:

    • Anonymous

      Wasn’t that long ago when kids *did* bring gun to school on a regular basis… schools had shooting clubs, or the kids would hunt on the way home, or just go shooting. Now, of course, society has determined that kids are to be kept in a constant state of fear and helplessness.

      • publiusr

        I might start by having more solid metal doors to keep the nuts out.

        As far as the teachers are concerned, I’d meet folks half-way.

        Large revolvers only.

        No ability to spray, but good at defeating projectile resistant body armor some of the nuts are sporting these days. Best thing about revolvers is that they don’t get feedway jams–or spit evidence.

  • LordJim

    How long before a teacher goes crazy and shoots up their students? Better off improving lockdown procedures and retrofitting schools so they can be sealed off by sections like a ship until the police arrive.

    • Anonymous

      > How long before a teacher goes crazy and shoots up their students

      Seems an unlikely prospect.

      > Better off improving lockdown procedures

      Better still would be to weed the dangerous loons out of society.

  • I say just let any teacher who already has a permit and wants to carry concealed, to carry concealed. You don’t have to actually have armed people there, just stop declaring schools “gun-free zones” so that criminals know there *could* be armed people there.