Nov 292012

A snippet of the 1977 TV movie “SST: Death Flight” featuring truly awesome visual effects of an SST equipped with the worst turbojets I’ve ever seen for a supersonic cruise aircraft.

[youtube uEc-6vw3xdM]

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  • Deep Beam

    Wow, it even has a “Miss SST”. I feel like I miss the broadcast of that pageant every year!

  • Anonymous

    What isn’t explained is that those big, drag-inducing turbofans are burning hydrogen and fluorine. A plane so bad-ass only Mike Brady could fly it!

    • Anonymous

      >those big, drag-inducing turbofans are burning hydrogen and fluorine

      Because, sure, why wouldn’t they? Throw in some monohydrazine and some polydichloric euthimal, and feed trace amounts of paxilon hydrochlorate into the cabin air, and you’ll really have a world-beater in terms of performance.

  • Michael the Somewhat Civilized

    More information:

    Now I want to see it again.

  • Really? High Bypass Turbofans? Let’s see, the exhaust velocity from those wouldn’t even begin to counter the ram drag experienced at those speeds, there is no method for slowing the supersonic air to subsonic speeds and there are bound to be strong shock formations near the tips of the fan and compressor blades which will really mess up all kinds of efficiency. The diffuser length is too short for supersonic use and I don’t even want to think of the drag induced by installation effects on the engine nacelles. Shock-shock interactions are bound to be a pain in that sense.

  • aim9xray

    Ah yes, I remember seeing this, first run. I think there was a real-world filming reason for those fat engines…continuity.

    Early in the film, there was a location scene with the passengers boarding the SST. This was done old-school, with the passengers walking on the ramp in front of a 747 stunt doubling for the SST (via a matt across the upper screen masking the 747 tail). But prominently displayed behind
    the passengers were the JT9D engines. I think that when the film got to post-production, the SFX people had to build the SST model to match the live action footage.

    I really like the 2-2-2 widebody seating in the cabin!