Nov 282012

Got permission to post the full-rez. Also, be aware that an official Up Goer 5 poster has been released. It’s 12X48 and only $15.

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  • Anonymous

    Randall outdid himself with that one. Finding a way to partner with Randall will not reduce your cash flow.

    • Anonymous

      I’m happy to ride whatever coat tails present themselves. Not really sure what further use Randall would have for me here, though.

      Hey… not sure I ever mentioned that several months back I created a three-view that’s to be used as an illustration in a forthcoming novel by a Famous Science Fiction Author (not defining further than that until it *actually* comes out, because it could always get yanked). So, there’s some coat tails, I suppose…

      • Deep Beam

        I wouldn’t be surprised if something presented itself over time. XKCD has a remarkably broad range of topics for being a “nerd” site!