Nov 252012

Jamie Foxx at the “Soul Train Awards…”

[youtube vHPSALWE1_U]

First of all giving honor to God and our LORD and Savior Barack Obama. Barack Obama!


Heh. I can imagine there’ll be a few folks who’ll take exception to that.

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  • Anonymous

    Well, he *is* “sort of god”:
    Not to mention being the “Messiah”:

  • Not a French Whore

    I wonder why you’re not a gamer either. I would guess you also see it as a waste of time. Do you ever read the blog of John Walker, the guy who wrote and founded AutoCAD/AutoDesk and then famously withdrew all of his vast wealth from Goldman Sachs after calling them crooks and then moved to Switzerland? He’s spending the remainder of his life re-learning theoretical physics as a hobby and speculating on things: or

  • Malex

    You can tell that “they” (black people) are joking when the person saying something is a world famous standup comedian, and he is saying it to a crowd of laughing people. You can tell when conservatives are telling a joke because you hear a nasty hissing sound and some angry statement about reproductive rights or an off-colored remark about slavery being okay, or a threat on the life of the President… You generally do not hear laughter afterwords.

    • Anonymous

      > “they” (black people)

      Interesting. “They” in the context of this post was “liberals.” But to you, “they” means “black people.”

      > You can tell when conservatives are telling a joke

      And suddenly, you switch from race to party affiliation.

      • Malex

        No my friend, I was interpreting your true meaning. Your obsession with black people and Obama knows no bounds. It isn’t exactly racism, just like the way mid-western Americans don’t exactly hate Jewish people, they just don’t know the first thing about them. I think you mean well, but your extremely isolated world view shows when you talk about this stuff. You know it is a joke, because a comedian is saying it during a comedy routine. (I repeat that because it was the key point of my post, and you ignored it, for obvious reasons…)

        This post was both racial and political, because you hate Obama for political reasons, and most conservatives hate him for racial reasons. The two are not, I am sorry to say, independent.

        • Anonymous

          > I was interpreting your true meaning

          Ah, yes. I can always rely on fanatics like you to think they have psychic superpowers.

          > your extremely isolated world view

          … sez the guy who think that anyone who doesn’t want to live in New York City is trying to “avoid civilization.”

          > you hate Obama for political reasons

          And so your hatred of midwesterners is based on what?

          > most conservatives hate him for racial reasons

          Uh-huh. And so the reason why so many conservatives liked Herman Cain, Condi Rice and Allen West was because… what? I suspect your real problem is “projection.” You cannot understand why anyone would be opposed to the Benevolent Dear Leader and his Wise Policies, so you are trying to figure out why *you* would possibly be opposed to someone, and racism is the only thing you can come up with.

  • Edohiguma

    I have a more pressing question… Who is Jamie Foxx and why do I need to care about what he says? Seriously, these wannabe celebrities and their political nonsense is slowly getting unfunny. It was funny for a while because, across the board, it showed how intelligence and rational thought have barely any room in “showbiz” these days, but after the 500th million repetition it’s getting a bit old.