Nov 252012

Solar power plants burden the counties that host them

In short: they don’t hire the locals to build them, they don’t hire the locals to run or maintain them, they get exemptions to paying the local property taxes, many of them are built on federally-owned lands and that removes the land from recreational use (thus reducing the number of people who might vacation and spend money there) and they require that local emergency services be expanded at local expense.

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  • publiusr

    I imagine they may be more of a hazard to aircraft overhead due to glare if the pilot isn’t careful. Not as bad as living near a windfarm–although the folks near Aberfan’s colliery spoil tip in 1966 would have desired either to what they got in 1966, or what the Columbians got from Drummond Coal:

    Still, you have to have those foodstocks and we find a lot of fossils with carbon extraction–and will need fracking for helium for cryogenics. Come on fusion power!

  • Wilfred Coker

    Perhaps people should remember that some sacrifices need to be made for the greater good? NIMBYism will stop any project, no matter how useful it is for society as a whole, if we allow it to do so. Either you rely on fossil fuels with all the attendant problems associated with them, the worst of which is of course Global Warming or you have renewables or nuclear power systems (with their problems as well).

    • Anonymous

      Ah, the “greater good.” If you ever want to enact industrial-scale horrors, there’s your stock-standard excuse.