Nov 192012

Girl killed in acid attack for looking at a boy, say parents: ‘It was her destiny to die this way’

Short form: a 15-year-old girl in Islamabad, Pakistan, died after her mother threw acid in her face because he turned to watch a boy ride by on a motorcycle. The way the article is written, it seems the mother threw the acid in her face almost immediately. So… a few ponderables:

1: Do Pakistani parents normally walk around with containers of acid Just In Case?

2: These are our allies???

3: Can we *please* get on with building a few hundred ten-terawatt-class breeder reactors, space-based solar power satellites, lunar PV arrays, thorium reactors and, hopefully, fusion reactors and hook them up to TDP plants so we can get ourselves off oil so we can then build a wall around the middle east and related environs? Sure, the smell of smoke and rotting corpses wafting downwind will be pretty rank for a few years, but after thirty or so years, the gates can be opened and colonization and repopulation expeditions can begin.

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  • Wilfred Coker

    You need oil for more things than just energy. Without oil, artificial fertilisers on which your agriculture relies, won’t be available. Plastics also won’t be as cheap. That’s just for starters.