Nov 172012

On eBay:


A very large model of Energia-Buran, apparently actually made by Energia, with a Buy It Now price of only twenty-five grand.

  • The model has been made by the manufacturer of the real rocket – Energia Rocket Corporation.
  • Made of aluminium alloy, brass, steel and wood this model is not a plastic toy, it’s solid and heavy.
  • The size of the model – 111″ (or 283 cm). It’s a real big size exhibit.
  • Any museum or collector could be proud to have this model in collection because of its quality and many details.
  • Exceptionally rare to find, the only known copy of this model is placed into the museum of its manufacturer – Energia Rocket Corporation
  • Assuming it actually does come from the Energia Rocket Corporation museum, I’m of two minds:

    1) It’s sad that Energia is selling this off, for whatever reason

    2) I’m sad that the Russians are better capitalists than American aerospace companies, who not only wouldn’t bother with museums but who instead would either have models like this stuff in some wooden crate in a storage facility, never to be seen again, or simply dumped in the trash or intentionally destroyed.

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    • publiusr

      When I see special effects folks like Brick Price forced to sell things off to people who might take collectibles to target practice when they are bored with them–that’s even more sad. I seem to remember reading that space museums in Russia are suffering from lack of interest and may be forced to seel off more things of this ilk.

      I hope whoever buys this takes good care of it–maybe scans it.