Nov 192012

The D190 designation was the catch-all for a wide range of tilt-duct vehicles Bell designed in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The D190B was a rescue version, intended to go after downed pilots and the like. Other versions were similar, but designed to mate up with a C-130 in flight; the C-130 would transport the D190 to the vicinity of a rescue and would transport it home again, greatly increasing range and lift capability of the D-190. Another version was designed to similarly mate up with flying command posts and Air Force One, to transfer supplies and personnel.

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  • Deep Beam

    That mating plan is pretty intriguing. Do you have any more information about it? Would the D190B actually attach itself to the Herc?

    • Anonymous

      Yes. The D190 would – it was planned – mate to the underside of the aft fuselage of the C-130. Obviously the C-130 could not take off or land with the “parasite” in place.