Nov 162012

Experiments with vellum show that it’s workable, but requires substnatially more attention than watercolor paper. It holds up well to water, but if left to simply dry it shrinks differentially kinda badly, with the result that it curls up. This can be countered, it seems, through a few Heroic Measures which I have so far *kinda* gotten to work. More work needed.

Also, today I picked up some slabs of plexiglass, 18 inches by 7 feet, big enough to handle the Saturn V.

The sun hasn’t come out to let me work up the prints that people ordered. The weather forecasts don’t hold out much hope for the next few days. Frakin’ November…

Also: several people sent emails asking for a side-by-side comparison of the Up Goer 5 with the Saturn V. I put together just such as thing, using the full-rez image of the Up Goer 5 from xkcd. However, after a few emails I have not heard back from Randall Munroe of xkcd about posting a modified version of his art (I’ve no issue posting his art unmodified, since it’s clear he’s good with that, but *modified* versions of his art, I dunno about). So unless/until I hear back, here are 25%-scale versions of two takes on the concept… one with the original NASA-MSFC blueprint in the original color, the other with the blueprint modified to match the Up Goer 5’s colors.

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