Jan 252009

NY Times Obit:

For about 15 years beginning in the late 1940s, Mr. Horne was ubiquitous, perhaps the most widely seen male model in the country, appearing in hundreds of advertisements in magazines and newspapers, on billboards and catalog covers, in television commercials and industrial brochures. He died on Dec. 29 in Manhattan, at 91. His wife of 45 years, Francesca Marlowe Horne, said the cause was cancer, but added that he also had congestive heart failure.

This is the picture they use to show Mr. Horne:

And not, strangely, this far better known shot:

The Intarweb tubes mourn.

EDIT: Howdy to Fark!

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  • blackmtnman

    I found this thanks to fark….lessee,

    Rockets, cats, aircraft, guns, politics, photography, science fiction. You know, the usual stuff.

    I might like it here.

  • Vic

    Wow… I thought the “Aw Jeez” guy was Dick Clark….

  • FPM

    I used to be a homeless rodeo clown but now I am a world class magician !

  • the Fonz

    Fark isn’t the only website in the world. Try http://www.bannination.com – we’re the edgier, cooler version with unmoderated breasts.

  • Mr. Horne has achieved eternal fame thanks to the Web.

    The “Aw Jeez” pic even appears upon my bloglet, along with a multitude of other appearances upon the Web.

    May his pic be with us for mar a long while.


  • His visage will be with us forever.

  • jon

    howdy back

  • Goodnight, sweet prince.

  • Lenny

    I choose to believe that he was greeted at the pearly gates with a nice big cup from Thomas J. Murray.

  • admin

    > Fark isn’t the only website in the world.

    True, but it was the first one to link to my little blog posting in any numbers. Plus, it’s often funny as hell.

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  • Mike N.

    Thanks for putting a name to the face.

  • catty

    good night sweet preence.

  • Involuntary Nuk Nuks

    Oh – sadness. I hope he had a full, wonderful life. Meanwhile, no “Howdy” for bannination.com?

  • Samantha

    Oh noes. :/ LOLobit.

    (bannination is an awful, awful, awful site).

  • Bannination became a reflection of what it budded off from as a few marginalized rejects of Fark huddled together to create something neither new nor improved.

    At the least, the Bannination bunch, though in my deviant opinion the site trends towards political correctness and “leftward” logic, is still not as disgustingly politically correct and chock-full of ill- and uneducated bleating sheeplets as is the Reddit site.

    That’s my opinion and I am sticking to it and if you don’t like it meet me at the bike racks after school.

  • admin

    > Meanwhile, no “Howdy” for bannination.com?

    Fark was the first place to notice my little blog posting and discuss it. The blog posting has so far gotten about 25,000 hits from Fark. It’s gotten about 150 from Bannination.

    Plus: take a look at the Fark thread:

    And the Bannination thread:

    There are some stark differences. The Fark thread is funny. The Bannination thread is bitter about Fark. Now, I’m as big a fan (and practitioner) of “bitter” as you’re likely to find… but other people’s bitterness typically does not amuse me.

    So, in summation: Meh.

  • # the Fonz Says:
    January 25th, 2009 at 11:33 am
    Fark isn’t the only website in the world. Try http://www.bannination.com – we’re the edgier, cooler version with unmoderated breasts.

    Said the guy that had to advertise his site in a forum that exists because of Fark.

  • angry patrioy

    bannination is full of trolls,bitter stalking rejects and sociopaths.

  • “bannination is full of trolls,bitter stalking rejects and sociopaths.”

    Do you mean to write “Congress” vice “bannination”?

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