Nov 102012

This is about a decade old, but what the heck. It’s not like the world is overflowing with documentaries about Project Orion…

[youtube v4k_YZAXSEI]

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  • publiusr

    What gnaws at me was a blurb from the book about a weapon/ thought experiment that Ted Talay came up with–and I wonder if it was something other than the Casaba. I have heard talk about a boosted weapon that would have an even greater EMP. Now I think it was thought that you couldn’t irradiate a wide swath of service from space using nukes because the drop off was too great.

    I wonder if Ted found a work-around and sat on it to his death.

  • Aleks Clark

    Ah Orion. The one space program that would have guaranteed a major presence in the solar system, not just right now but 40 years ago….makes me angry/sad every time I think of it 🙁