Oct 302012

Tourettes has got to really, REALLY suck… to not be able to control your movements or your voice has got to be a little slice of Niflhel.

As with any such disorder, some people have it worse than others. Take the German feller in the video below: if I understand it correctly, he has a truly astonishingly bad case od Tourettes… hardly able to communicate or get around in his environment. Until he self-medicates. The results, if everything is as it seems to be, are really quite remarkable.

Exactly why weed would help here? I’m guessing it’s because Tourettes is the result of neurons in the brain misfiring like firecrackers, and pot just makes the brain go mellowwwww. I hear tell that others with Tourettes have tried this, some successfully, some not; and that pot can make schizophrenics *worse.*  Well… so what, I guess. Take the notorious painkiller Thalidomide: if you take it while pregnant, it can mess up your baby. But probably half the potential users of Thalidomide will never be pregnant, being men and all; women who are past menopause or who have had damage or surgeries that have sterilized them are also unlikely to use Thalidomide while pregnant. And a woman who *might* get pregnant can choose to not get pregnant (Norplant, abstinance, etc.). I imagine anyone with a brain can recognize that there are a whole lot of people who would benefit from Thalidomide with virtually or completely no risk of birth defects, and thus the drug should be made available; the same reasoning holds for pot.

[youtube TzbLbW829Ls]

Assuming it’s on the up-and-up… who the hell would deny this guy a bag of weed a day? And it need not be some big government program… simply legalize the stuff, let market forces drop the price to less than tobacco, and this guy will be able to buy his own… because he’ll be able to hold down a job.

And yeah, yeah, you’re not supposed to laugh at such things, but the video below, showing a British guy with seriously NSFW Tourettes singing “Lady in Red” is definitely worth a couple dozen laughs. If you’ve got a socially debilitating problem, you could do worse than this guy and make a video that brings a  smile to people.

[youtube xoZuB8YfkaE]

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  • Michael the Somewhat Civilized

    I want to see pot tried on epileptics. When I was 14 I had a seizure (four in eight years) and was put on some pretty heavy stuff to prevent seizures. All the chemicals put me to sleep, killed my concentration, punched holes in my memory, and generally left me confused. Pot might have done a lot less damage and just as much good. I hate smoking, though.

    • Anonymous


      Compound in cannabis may help treat epilepsy, researchers say
      “The casual use of marijuana — or cannabis — to control seizures dates back to ancient times. Its most prominent component, THC, is among those shown in animal studies to have strong anti-convulsant properties, but its mind-altering effects have made it unsuitable for pharmaceutical development.

      A number of the plant’s more than 100 cannabinoids are non-psychoactive, however. The most studied among them is cannabidiol, or CBD, which has shown promise for multiple sclerosis spacticity, nausea, epilepsy and schizophrenia. Animal studies with CBD have also shown it to be effective as a neuoroprotectant and cancer-fighting agent.”

      I have no doubt that there are more than a few epileptics who would trade the psychoactive effects of pot for not having the seizures.

      • Michael the Somewhat Civilized

        When they started drugging me, pot was evil. No one would have dared suggest it. I was warned specifically not to try it. So I spent the 60s in a drugged haze, but not on anything that was truly useful. Much later, they told my first seizure might have been all I had if there had been no medication.

        • publiusr

          I seem to hear about pot helping prevent Alzheimer’s.

  • Peter Hanely

    Some of the active ingredients in pot probably have medical application. But smoking is a poor means of administration, and between abuse and side effects it needs to be under medical supervision, which the medical pot law here in California fails at.

    • Anonymous

      > between abuse and side effects it needs to be under medical supervision

      You mean like booze, tobacco, chocolate, coffee and sugary sodas?

  • Jordan

    The interesting thing is that cigarettes, tobacco, and smoking were all considered good for you at one time and actually had proven medicinal benefits.

    • Anonymous

      Same applies to pot and cocaine (I had a neighbor who had some sort of heart surgery years back, and the cops showed up at the hospital to administer lines of coke to him for some reason).

      Unlike “bath salts” or PCP or other synthetic drugs, pot doesn’t seem to make the vast majority of user go bugnuts or otherwise pose a threat to society any greater than an increased likelihood of fridge-raiding, so I see no good, rational or ethical reason to ban the stuff. Given the well established utility of pot to fight any of a number of medical maladies, making it illegal is itself an unethical act.

      Hell, even LSD has some medical utility.

      • Jordan

        > pot doesn’t seem to make the vast majority of user go bugnuts or otherwise pose a threat to society any greater than an increased likelihood of fridge-raiding

        Sometimes I have to shake my head at your logic.

        > Given the well established utility of pot to fight any of a number of medical maladies

        Do you honestly believe this? Maybe all we need to do is get Obama to come out and support the legalization of pot and it’s use for “medicinal purposes.”

        I don’t see the logic in legalizing pot for medical purposes since there are drugs out there that already work.

        • Anonymous

          You misunderstand my point. Pot shouldn’t be legalized for medicinal purposes: it should be legalized because there’s no good reason for it to be illegal. Criminalizing pot aids nobody but criminals and big-government types (but I repeat myself).

          • Jordan

            > it should be legalized because there’s no good reason for it to be illegal.

            Then based of that: Cocaine, Meth, LSD, bath salts, PCP, and all the other illegal drugs should be legalized. That’s sure a slippery slope, are you sure you want this country to go down that path?

          • Anonymous

            There are several approaches *reasonable* people can take:
            1) Legalize everything. What you do with your own body is your own business. The logic that would ban meth would also ban skydiving.
            2) Legalize everything “natural” (pot, coke, even heroin), but not “synthetic” (meth PCP, etc.)
            3) Legalize “natural,” control “synthetic”
            4) Legalize everything that you make yourself for your own use

            Now: there is no good reason to ban pot. It is, on it’s own, a much lower danger to the user and the users surroundings than booze. Bath Salts and PCP, however, have a pretty good record of making the users into a danger to others. Heroin and coke AIUI don’t do much to make users dangerous, beyond the fact that it makes them criminals and thus the law itself makes them a danger to others.

            The “O Noes, if we legalize pot everybody is going to do bath salts and we’ll turn into a nation of cannibalistic zombies” is really the only argument the anti-legalization crowd seems to have, and it’s a pretty flawed one.