Oct 302012

Sandy trashed the flimsy tent that had been covering the Shuttle, and appears to have ripped the tip off the vertical stabilizer.

Space Shuttle Enterprise Damaged by Hurricane Sandy

I guess it’s a good thing that Enterprise wasn’t taken somewhere like the USAF Museum in Dayton, where it would be in a good solid hangar.

This isn’t the first time Enterprise has gotten damaged in NYC on the barge ride in it mashed into a bridge, banging up a wingtip:

Wasn’t enough ‘space’: Enterprise damaged on barge journey

I wonder if the rudder damage will be fixed in the same way the wingtip damage was fixed… by painting it.

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  • doug

    Slap on some bondo and some paint and it’ll be good as new.

  • philot

    Some people just can’t be trusted with nice things.

    Like the economy.


    hey, remember pre-9/11 when NY’ers were held in regard one step above the French?

  • Anonymous

    Well, it would have displaced stuff out of the hangers at the NMUSAF (not that I didn’t want it – I’m a Daytonian after all), but the Museum of Flight in Seattle had the permanent hanger ready to go back in May or June – and would have been a nice place to exhibit it (It is my understanding that they have some rather good experience with maintaining aircraft, maybe not as much as NMUSAF, but better than Intrepid does).

    Also, It is my understanding that NASA technically still owns the shuttle – they could, if needed, repossess it and get it someplace safe.

    Heck, right now, I’d rather have it sitting nose-to-nose with Discovery in Udvar Hazy than on the deck of the Intrepid.

    • Anonymous

      > it would have displaced stuff out of the hangers at the NMUSAF

      Simple solution: build more hangars! The USAFM will need ’em eventually anyway.

      And let’s face it: can you think of a more awesome sight than the XB-70 and a Shuttle nose-to-nose outside in the sun?

      The Museum of Flight in Seattle is a damned fine museum, but Dayton is more centrally located (though the SAC museum in Nebraska is even more so, and has the room for the Shuttle).

      At this point I won’t be overly surprised to hear that the security guards at Intrepid will open the place up and find the Enterprise up on blocks.

      • Anonymous

        Well, the new hanger that was planned for the Shuttle (and oddly enough, only got the final part of the needed funding after Intrepid was selected) wouldn’t be ready for a while (If I remember from the last time I was there, the expected opening is in 2014).

        As for awesomeness, You’d also have to have the little X-15 and X-24B trying to nose in.

        My main fear is that She will end up in Dayton – but in twenty to thirty years if the sea air does a number on her airframe and she needs serious restoration work.

  • publiusr

    Strange how it could survive re-entry, but not New York weather. But atop the orbiter, it was out of the elements upon return from orbit–and didn’t have the weight of a tarp on it. Too bad it doesn have the SSMEs–they could really use its turbo pumps right about now. More reasons folks will bash SLS no doubt.