Aug 312012

Sometimes plans go awry. For example… in 1963, NASA was well on the way to building the Saturn V. The Saturn V was a giant of a rocket, far bigger than what was actually available at the time. But there was no reason to believe that development of ever bigger and more capable launch vehicles would stop with the Saturn V. And so plans were in place for the “Nova” rocket. While a vast number of wildly different designs were produced, in general they were all capable of putting about a million pounds of payload into Earth orbit.

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  • Anonymous


    Lots of payload, but you need to evacuate all of Florida every time you launch one.

  • publiusr

    That’s why I like Sea Dragon–out of the way.

  • Looks like one of the Martin 2-stage T10 series Novas. Martin put a lot of effort into recovery for these designs, especially the second stage. The comparison to the Saturn V, itself a huge rocket, is awe-inspiring.

  • Not sure I like it from an aesthetic perspective, but 500 tons–wow.