Aug 312012

From the “why did this take so long” file:

Squatting set to become a criminal offence

In short… up until now, if you lived in Britain and left your home unoccupied overnight, someone could break the locks, wander in and take over (basically stealing your home, all your stuff, your whole life), and the police were powerless to stop it. Crazy as it sounds, until now if someone were to do that to you, and late one night you broke into your own home and beat the squatters to death, stuck their heads on pikes in the front yard and tossed their corpses into the nearest garbage bin, *you* would be the one held legally to account. I’m not entirely sure that the change in BritLaw would not allow for this particular praiseworthy public service to be considered legal, but one step at a time.

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  • Herp McDerp

    Ash Marks, the offended activist in the video, didn’t seem to be using her vagina. It’s a shame for a resource like that to be unused, wasted, especially when so many people are forced to go without vaginas through no fault of their own. Perhaps someone should have occupied hers to see whether she approved. If she didn’t … well, she would be free to initiate the lengthy legal process of eviction.

  • Friend

    Squatting came about as a social reaction to landlords deliberately keep properties empty in order to force up rents in post-war UK where there was a massive housing shortage. The regulations and laws which grew up around squatting ensured that the property had to be empty for considerably longer than just 24 hours. Landlords of course hated it because effectively it prevented them from keeping rents artificially high when it was possible to occupy an empty dwelling for free. As for the sexist comment by “Herp McDerp”, I do hope the blog owner will delete it or does he tolerate such things? Particularly after he was so critical of the Republican candidate who spoke so well about “legitimate rape”.

    • Anonymous

      > Squatting came about as a social reaction to landlords deliberately keep properties empty in order to force up rents

      And gun control came about (in the US) as a social reaction to uppity armed blacks fighting off the forces of the Klan who wanted to lynch ’em. Sometimes things need to change.

      > As for the sexist comment by “Herp McDerp”…

      Understandable but not entirely effective attempt at political satire. All in all, substantially less offensive than the promotion of collectivism.

      • Beausabre

        I have to wonder if the empty properties came about because of rent control forcing landlords to rent at a loss.