Jul 312012

Some illustrations from a 1979 McDonnell-DouglasF-15 armament handbook illustrating the pointy end of the F-15: the M-61 20mm Vulcan Gatling gun.

The M-61 could send several different rounds downrange, including target rounds, armor piercing and high explosive incendiary.

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  • MrDakka

    Mmmm, linkless ammo feed…

    Do all US combat jets have their gun on the right side?

    • Anonymous

      The F-18 has the gun on the centerline, upper side of the nose in front of the cockpit. The F-35A has the gun on the left side above the inlet (the B and C do not have guns built-in, but can carry gun packs in the internal weapons bays or in an external centerline gun pod).