Jul 312012

This plane flew over today:

This is the best of a bad lot of photos. It sounded like a WWII bomber, but it’s clearly single engined. It seemed to be heading towards Brigham City.

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  • Michael the Somewhat Civilized

    A Hawker Sea Fury?

    • Anonymous

      Sleeve-valve engine would be a completely different sound. No low-throated roar, but more of a high-pitched scream with less overall volume.

  • Maybe a T-6? Lots of examples of that plane are still flying.

    • Anonymous

      No, as T-6 gear retract inwards under the fuselage. It’s what made them decent stand-ins for Zeros in all of the WWII movies.

  • A random stranger

    The fuselage and engine cowling looks a kinda like a TBF Avenger

  • Russcal

    Random Stranger has it… it’s a TBF / TBM Avenger. Square wing tips and outward retracting landing gear without wheel well covers are two most obvious points.

    • Anonymous

      I’d considered the TBF/TBM… it sounded BIG. I thought it was a B-17 or B-24, but it only had the one engine, and the RPMs were fairly low. But the wings look fairly elliptical in planform. And are there any flying around?

      • There’s [url=http://www.warbirddepot.com/aircraft_attack_tbm-johnson.asp]at least one[/url]. I [url=http://heroicrelics.org/camp-jeep/avenger/index.html]saw it at a small air show[/url] a couple of years ago.

      • Russcal

        The Avengers a pretty good sized aircraft… 55′ in wingspan and 41′ in length. Has a Wright R-2600 twin row which is considerably more throaty than T-6 with a R-1340.

        There are a good number of TBF / TBM’s still flying: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_surviving_Grumman_TBF_Avengers

        Besides the landing gear, the other thing that catches my eye is the dark over light color scheme… more typical of USN warbirds than USAAF warbirds.

        Ya’ got to see a neat plane, whatever it might be!

        • Anonymous

          It’s definitely a USN paint job and the Wright R-2600 deafened most everyone who ever spent a lot of time sandwiched between two of them in any variant of a B-25.