Jul 242012

Any politician will eventually get any of a number of nicknames, from the respectful (“Honest Abe”) to the benignly humorous (“The Gipper”) to the nasty (“Tricky Dick”). The most important thing is that the nickname be memorable and witty, even if the nickname is mean and disrespectful. G.W. Bush, for instance, got called a *lot* of disrespectful things, most of which suffered from the Original Sin of being just plain unwitty. And while I didn’t agree with it, I had to admit that “Chimpy McBushHitler” was at least pretty funny.

With Obama, a lot of nicknames have gained traction in spite of a more or less complete lack of wit. Read enough on the formerly meaningful discussion/news aggregation right-wing site Free Republic, as well as the leftist-dominated Fark.com, and you’ll quickly see “Fartbongo” and “Obozo,” both of which have a taint of racism coupled with being just not that clever. But if you are looking for a nickname to use, here’s a more helpful resource:

The Pretty Darn Exhaustive Obama Nickname List

While the “blah” ones are there, there are also some really good clever ones for you to use:

The Wizard of Uhhs.

The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers


Barack Hussein Alinsky

Barackus Hubris Maximus

Chairman Zero

Kid Clueless

… and many more.

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  • Tlk

    The Obamanator, as in commits Obamanations…

  • Peter Hanely

    I refer to him as the Occupier of the White House, hopefully soon to be Former Occupier of the White House.

  • Beausabre01

    They missed my favorite:

    the Dalai Bama