Jul 052012

The “Orphans in Space” DVD set contains a bunch of really rather odd old films about space, from the early part of the 20th century up to the 1980′s. The video of most interest to readers of this blog is a Martin-Marietta promotional video for the Zenith Star laser satellite, featuring snippets of a speech by President Reagan at the Martin Marietta facility (near Denver?) in front of a full-scale Zenith Star mockup.

The video was copied to DVD from a videotape, which is why the resolution is a bit low.

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  • Thanks Scott. I email’d the folks who created “Orphans in Space” earlier this week… still waiting for a reply.

  • Arlukiii

    A big fiberglass tube with some mirrors glued to it. $2 billion well spent!

  • Publiusr

    So this was what inspired Polyus. The Energiya core block worked well. The Zenit based strap-ons did too. The “Polus” demonstrator was actually not much more than this model. The TKS Ferry/FGB tug that was supposed to do a 180 did a 360, and shoved it right back down–either by accident, or due to Gorby’s disdain for all things mil-space.

    I would have loved to see the Barbarian…