Jul 012012

Now available: Bell Aircraft drawing 58-701-008, “General Arrangement Model 58D, ” dated 6-30-1948. This is the X-1D rocket powered supersonic aircraft.

This blueprint, measuring 12,943X5513 pixels (43.1X18.4 inches, printed off at 300dpi), was scanned in pieces and in full color from a blue-line original some years ago. The sheer size of it proved to be too much for my computers to bear in the reassembly phase, and had to await newer, more powerful systems. Now at last it’s available. This blueprint is presented as-is, with stains, tears, fold marks and all… these add character to the print that a pristine version would lack, while taking away none of the historical, technical or artistic value. Additionally, a cleaned-up grayscale version is included.

Also includes  halfsize and quartersize versions of each for easier viewing and printing.

Air drawing 61 can be downloaded for $5.00.



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  • Jordan

    Was there a fighter version of the X-1? I thought it was mentioned somewhere.

    • Anonymous

      There were proposed tactical versions of the XS-1… both interceptors and attack planes. Not much info on them, though.

      • Jordan

        Were they rocket or jet powered? I don’t think it would be too much trouble to fit a jet ngine within the X-1 airframe.

        • Anonymous

          After the basic idea of the XS-1 was hammered out and rockets over jets were decided upon, I know of no ideas to retrofit any of the X-1 designs with jet engines.