Jun 302012

I’ll try this again in a few weeks. These shots were messed up a bit by the smoke in the sky and the moon being too prominent.

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  • Jordan

    And out there several of those star systems are teeming with life. If we assume one intelligent, sapient species per galaxy then there there are billions of lifeforms out there.

    • Ed Skinner

      Very nice, indeed. How about some exposure details, camera,etc.?
      My second-ever attempt at a moon pic is OK (http://flat5.net/2012/05/another-moon-picture/) but I like your wide angle view and know you must’ve worked at it. It is of the caliber that I’d drive a couple of hours for good viewing to try and get a similar exposure.

      • Anonymous

        The first was shot with a Nikon D5000 with a 55mm F1.4 lens, iso 1000, about 6 second exposures. The second with a 17mm lens, F3.5, iso 2000, 30 second exposures.

  • Ronnie Olsthoorn

    Here in west of Holland we should be lucky if we see more than a dozen stars at night.
    This satellite photo explains why: http://dmsp.ngdc.noaa.gov/images/lights/usa_fig1.gif
    Lots of city light and even more greenhouses.