Jun 302012

The manufacturer, Qwonn, claims that “Block-Ops Plastic” is an opaque black to the naked eye, but transparent to black & white cameras. This… confuses me a tad. I’m guessing that it’s transparent to IR, but the details are lacking.

The point of the stuff is that you can conceal a B&W camera in or behind a black plastic item, and the camera will see right through it.

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  • High Power Rocketry

    A 2 cent black plastic garbage bag is also IR transparent and blocks visible light… so stretch some over a frame if you want to hide an IR camera. : )

  • Murgatroyd

    Yup. I believe the “B&W camera” terminology is actually helpful. Color digital cameras include filters to eliminate infrared light; most monochrome cameras don’t bother filtering it out. If you use a color digital camera inside a “Black-Ops Plastic” enclosure, you won’t see very much.

  • Publiusr

    I wonder if this might have uses for home astronomy…