Dec 182008

In the early/mid 1950’s, work was performed at Goodyear Aircraft on the METEOR concept (“Manned Earth-Satellite Terminal Evolving From Earth-To-Orbit Ferry Rockets”). This was somewhat similar to the “Colliers” space program as envisioned by von Braun and others… just not so small and limited.Compare that sort of ambition to the incredibly slow, incredibly small, incredibly pointless International Space Station.


Below are artwork and drawings from one of the Goodyear Aircraft reports. hmm. I wonder where someone could go to get a copy of this report??????? Hmmmm…….

meteor1.jpg meteor-art-10.jpg meteor-station-phase-4.jpg meteor-station-phase-9.jpg  ferry.jpg

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  • robin

    just love the “in”, “out”, and “please manouver carefully” signs painted on the station!
    sorry, it’s just so funny!! ROFL!

  • Lark

    There’s a 4 page article about the Goodyear concepts in
    Popular Science -April 1955.
    pages 138-141.

  • Lord this is cool!
    I wonder what altitude it was supposed to orbit at? I imagine it would have run into the same Van Allan problem that Von Brauns station did. Still that is a fixable problem….just bring it lower and assume it gets pushed once in a while. 🙂

  • Pat Flannery

    With that circular plate on the back, it looks like a shoe-in for Orion nuclear pulse drive.
    I like how the Ferry Rocket final stage has individual portholes for all the passengers.

  • admin

    >With that circular plate on the back…

    That’s actually the only part that rotates. It’s a series of stacked torii, providing the living space and greenhouses and such. The main cylinder is a non-rotating non-pressurized “bubble.” Basically a big-ass warehouse. Seems a bit much, but still… pretty fargin’ spiffy.