May 312012

19-year-old girl in Egypt invents a spacecraft propulsion device

Well, that could be interesti… wait. She claims it uses the Casimir effect to tap into the zero-point energy? And the article is illustrated with a machine that bears a striking resemblance to the innards of a sewing machine.

Yeah… no.

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  • Murgatroyd

    If I recall correctly, in both Fredrick Brown’s What Mad Universe and in Robert A. Heinlein’s The Number of the Beast the space drives looked like sewing machines. (Hein’ein’s may have been a hat-tip to Brown’s.) I seem to recall that Brown was actually created from a sewing machine.

    • Murgatroyd

      Argh. “Brown’s” …

  • Michael the Somewhat Civilized

    This is a woman (a special class, in the West) who has invented a “space drive” (currently interesting, in the West) and who is young (always an advantage for the marketing department). Egypt is a madhouse now, and the countries around it are pretty messy, too. Maybe this is an attempt to attract some positive Western attention.

    • Anonymous

      > Maybe this is an attempt to attract some positive Western attention.

      Or just a free ride outta Dodge. If I was a smart woman, Egypt is one of the *last* places I’d want to be right now.

      • Michael the Somewhat Civilized

        If she’s looking for a ride out of town, it’s best to offer something substantive as payment.

  • Cthel

    The revelation that there are spacecraft in use right now that use chemical rockets fueled by “radionuclide” (sic) fills me with confidence in the technical knowledge of the journalist