May 302012

Oddly, when Osama bin Laden got capped a year ago, none of the photos of his carcass were released for some ill-explained reasons (like “not wanting to spike the football,” or “not wanting to offend people who are probably offended by clouds anyway”). But a few days ago, one Rudy Eugene went bugnuts on drugs called “bath salts” and ate the face off another feller named Ronald Poppo… and the Miami police have gone ahead and released the photos of Mr. Poppo. Are they safe for work? Oh, my, no. Not even a little bit.

Some of them are HERE. And HERE.

When you see the photos – and you probably shouldn’t – keep in mind that not only did Mr. Poppo survive the attack… he was *conscious* when the ambulance scooped him up.

These “bath salt” drugs are apparently some pretty bad news… they not only drive you psycho, they give you virtually superhuman strength. So the next time you are, oh, I dunno, patrolling as a neighborhood watch captain and some guy jumps you and starts banging your head on the ground and attacking your face, you’d probably be well advised to pull out your pistol and shoot him right in the heart.

Now, wouldn’t it have been better if Mr. Eugene had been smoking pot, and not on “bath salts” (also known as “plant food,” and perhaps “skittles & ice tea”)? You never hear of stoners doing this sort of thing.

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