May 132012

College sweethearts to wed after 60 years apart


And as Fark put it:

That cute girl sitting next to you in college 60 years ago? Maybe it’s time to finally ask her to marry you

One of the best non-snark comments there:

2012-05-13 10:14:25 AM
We can all hope to have someone to love us when we’re old and saggy.

A great aunt of mine had a similar story. She was forbidden from marrying her sweetheart by her parents due to some religious difference. But many years later, after their spouses had passed away (and their parents too), they reunited.

Once they were married, they celebrated every month as an anniversary because they knew their time together was limited and they didn’t have many years.

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  • Jordan

    Scott, There is still hope for you at least. Somewhere out there is a woman who wants you.

    • Anonymous

      Why do you think I want to build a starship?

      • Jordan

        An admirable goal. And yes, building a starship can and will be done!