Apr 302012

The Houston AIAA section has published a 4-page article I put together on the Conroy “Virtus,” a twin-fuselage heavy lift aircraft built from B-52 parts meant to serve as the Space Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. You can download it (in the March/April 2012 issue of Horizons) for free here:


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  • Bruce

    I remember articles about twin fuselage planes back in the 1980’s and 90’s in Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines but as far as I have heard nothing ever came of fruition of them….weight and size
    problems probably.

    • Deep Beam

      I remember those too. There was one proposal to do them with hydrogen fueled engines, which was part of the reason the wing was so large. They were touting huge efficiencies and clean burning engines. Isn’t it great how those magazines made it sound like the future was right around the corner?

  • Jordan

    Interesting concept. It would seem to be a little on the expensive side just for a carrier aircraft, but if you could modify it to launch other types of aircraft and rockets it could be a viable concept.

  • Miraglia

    Link is down !!

    • Anonymous

      Works for me…

  • Publiusr

    More clearance than stratolaunch…