Apr 302012

Back when Cameron’s “Titanic” first came out, I remember seeing at least two plans to build the “Titanic II” (one was a cover image on Popular Mechanics or Popular Science or some such), but obviously they came to naught. Well, now that “Titanic” has been re-released, right on cue we’ve got yet another plan to rebuild the Titanic:

Titanic II to Be Built by Billionaire Palmer in Chinese Yard

Now, on the one hand I’d love to see a Titanic replica, built to resemble the original as much as possible. The thing was just a beautiful piece of work, far classier than modern cruise ships. Of course, built from better materials, with better technology and more lifeboats… modern engines would probably be a good idea as well.

On the other hand: the superstitious are probably going to avoid this ship like the plague. Whether that is going to deter enough people from spending money, I can’t say, especially if it gets a few successful cruises under its belt.

On the gripping hand: it’s to be built in China. Not exactly the mark of manufacturing quality. Its maiden voyage from England to New York is, according to the article, to be “accompanied by the Chinese navy” in 2016. Beyond the disturbing thought of the Chinese navy sailing into New York harbor… the Titanic II will first have to sail from China to Britain. That’s a bit of a schlep.

Will this $500 million ship get built? Can’t say as I think it’s amazingly likely.

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  • Mabuse

    Well, Clive Palmer is a famous eccentric down our way, so really it’s anyone’s guess whether he plans to actually go through with this. Although, he has needed a big shot of positive publicity ever since he got into that feud with the federal treasurer, and he doesn’t do anything small.


    I don’t know why the United States doesn’t build luxury cruise liners. We have a huge market do to cruises, you’d think shipyards on the Gulf and/or East coast(s) could support the industry with ships.

    • Anonymous

      You know, to me the word “shipyard” just *screams* “unionized workforce” and “organized crime” (but then, I repeat myself). This would lead to cost ineffectiveness.

  • Trimegistus

    You just KNOW this isn’t going to end well . . .

  • Publiusr

    Compared to this, Sea Dragon would be a simple build–no decks, propellers, lifeboats…just a tube for the most part. Now to get more billionaires interested in space. Forget Horizons, Scott–write for the Robb Report.

  • thingytest 3

    The thought of a PLAN warship sailing into New York shouldn’t be scary at all. Lots of navies do port visits. USN aircraft carriers visit Hong Kong every year.