Mar 302012

All yesterday I was seriously impaired due to my left eye being out of service, due, apparently, to every last speck of pollen in the region jumping up and down on it. Can’t wait to get back to the desert!

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  • Kelly Starks

    I can relatet. I’m on busness in North Carolina. Last week the pollen was so bad my black car waas yellow in the morning. So my sinus headaches up to migrane levels, adn eyes constantly watering and blurry were putting me out durring the week.

    Oh wait – your on expeditiopn time.
    STOP WHINNING you slacker and get back to work!!


  • Retrorocket

    I forgot about how bad the pollen can get. I remember walking to the car in the morning and the winsheild was covered in a yellow frost. With all the problems the forests are having in that region, like beetles and caterpillars, the trees react by producing huge amounts of pollen, sorry to hear that, I think D.C, is onlt bearable in October.