Mar 272012

A Lockheed artists impression of the L-1011 jetliner. Notice something a little amiss?


Interesting set of errors that commenters compiled. But what originally jumped out at me was the incredibly small cockpit canopy. I don’t know if this was an error on the artists part (if so, rather a big and blatant one), or if this was some sort of editorial choice. By making the cockpit look small, the aircraft looks large. To me, the aircraft shown in the painting looks to be the size of the A380, if not larger.

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  • Michael Scott

    No windshield?

  • Michel Van

    the cockpit and Passenger windows are lower position as at actual TriStar

    and why it fly so low over london ?

  • Anonymous

    You thought a bird strike was bad… What if they sucked Mary Poppins into the #3 engine?

  • It seems to be illuminated by its own private sun.

    And at a guess I’d say that the authorities would take a dim view of buzzing Parliament.

  • Tim

    Lockheed are starting an airline? The skunk express?

    Seriously though, I think its a drone

  • TTe

    What is the typical stall speed of a jet liner? How much slow it could fly without opening flap and front slat especially at this altitude?

  • Cambias

    Only thing I can see different from photos is the nose. The cockpit window in the picture is tiny, and seems to be faired into the nosecone. What do I win?

  • Sferrin

    The inlet for engine #3 looks crooked.

  • Michael the Somewhat Civilized

    This must have been a flight out of RAE Farnborough, to see the airplane to BOAC.

  • Mike

    I give in

  • Graham

    Did their artists replate the Thames with the Seine? And where’s the Tower Bridge?

  • The left wing appears to be bent upward. That is one seriously deformed aircraft.

  • Yeah either the wing has too much dihedral, or the tailplane seems to have a bit of unnatural anhedral to it. And I do agree that the Thames looks a little wide.

  • Bruce

    We give up…or at least I do….what is it?

  • Ol’ Bibs

    ~25% longer with an extra rear door?