Mar 272012

While roaming the Mall on Sunday, I saw a number of planes fly behind the Washington Monument. They were banking hard… I guess the flightpath out of Reagan National would naturally cause jetliners to fly too close to downtown D.C., and they have to bank in a hurry so’s Homeland Security doesn’t shoot ’em down. Or something like that…

Anyway, all the way from the NASM to the Monument, the sky was overcast. That made some of the jetliners pretty spectral, and put a gray cast over everything. It’s interesting to see how the colors in the stone pop out when a little bit of Fade Correction is added to the photos.

Perhaps interestingly, the skies opened up and the sun came out right as I was passing the monument.

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  • MrDakka

    As for Homeland Security shooting down planes, the Washington Monument seems like an ideal place to mount a SAM battery. Or pew pew laser cannons…

    On a more related note, I never thought it (Washington Monument) would look so dirty; it looks like its covered with hard water stains.