Nov 262008

A few years back I went ona  business trip to Kennedy Space Center. While there I got a behind-the-scenes tour of some of the less-seen spots of aerospace interest. By far the most impressive was a tour of the Vehicle Assembly Building… which was all the moe impressive due to the fact that the Shuttle (Discovery, IIRC) was not only inside, but was fully stacked. Got to go up to the 16th level and look right in the windows. Sadly, they disallowed cameras (grumble, grumble…).


Another spot I saw was the Apollo 1 launch table. This is a forelorn bit of concrete architecture out seemingly in the middle of nowhere; it’s difficult to imagine that at one time an entire launch complex was located here. Something I wanted to make damned sure I got a photo of was the stencilled “Abandon in Place” notice… which I got.

pdr_0193.JPG  pdr_0194.jpg  pdr_0196.JPG



These photos and more are available at full resolution in the “Kennedy Space Center/USAF Missile Museum” photo set which you can find here: 

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