Mar 032012

We are sad to report that concept art legend Ralph McQuarrie passed away today. McQuarrie was the designer of the original Star Wars movies, Battlestar Gallactica, ET, Star Trek and many other science fiction classics.

Arguably his most recognizable creation was the design for Darth Vader…

Whether you know the name or not, you know the art, and the designs that came from that art. McQuarrie was an integral and vital part of the creation of Star Wars, and helped to shape the world we have today.

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  • Jordan

    He shall live on forever, his art immortalized!

  • Anonymous

    Immortal indeed. On another note, and somewhat related, it would be awesome if we could get names attached to the beautiful aerospace concept artwoks often posted here.

    • Anonymous

      It would indeed. Usually that’s impossible.

  • Publiusr

    I actually rather liked his and Ken Adam’s take on the “Planet of the Titans” Enterprise. We saw the Adam style lumpy saucer study model that made its way in TNG ( and STIII partially obscured) but his painting was of a much sleeker design.

    So help me, if I had a device that allowed me to go to alternate universes–it wouldn’t be to study history, but to visit movie sets of films that we never got to see in this one…

    • Deep Beam

      The “Titans” refit Enterprise is interesting, but to me it seemed to be not of the Star Trek universe, it’s clearly cross-pollinated with his work on Star Wars.

      That said, there is, even now, somewhere, an alternate universe in which Capt. Kirk commands his Imperial Navy Constitution class Star Destroyer on missions of exploration while squashing the rebellious Maquis Alliance! I think his executive officer is even a Vulcan learned in the ways of the Force….

  • さようなら先生 (TT__TT)

  • Triton

    I wish that McQuarrie had the energy to be concept designer on the “Star Wars” prequels. McQuarrie’s designs seemed more credible than the work of Doug Chiang or Ryan Church. I presume that this was due to McQuarrie’s experience as an aviation concept artist.