Feb 292012

Hoo boy.

Dutch launch mobile euthanasia teams

See, here’s the thing: I’m all in favor of euthanasia. The idea of forcing someone who is in agony to stay alive simply because we *can* is repugnant to me. I would no more condemn someone who is dying of Horrible Brain Fire Syndrome and decides to take themselves out than I would condemn one of the WTC jumpers who chose to go *splat* rather than burn up like a charcoal briquet.

But somehow it seems to me that there is no way on Odin’s green Midgard that a “mobile euthanasia team” is going to slip by without making a whole bunch of people just go *ape.*

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  • Fenster314159

    So, can I have your liver?

    • Anonymous

      When I’m done with it, you can bid for it on ebay like everybody else.

      • Anonymous

        Well, you did sign the card.

        Mobile euthanasia. Remind anyone of Godwin-era gas vans?

        And yes, I do share your viewpoint WRT to taking myself out instead of becoming another cog in the great death machinery of our medical system.

  • Kelly Starks

    Ok…. Creepy?!
    Especially given places with euthanasia often have the elderly (even those still comfortable) under a lot of pressure to “not be a burden” to relatives/society/etc, and agree to be put down. If it happens in major hospitals etc – the risks of high rates of abuse with home euthanasia have to be high.

  • Materialism = dehumanization.

    • Anonymous

      Immaterialism – imhumanism.

      (BTW: does “use of advanced medical technology” = materialism?)

      • No, the reduction of a human person to the status of mere electrified meat = dehumanization.

        When we dumped God, we dumped the soul. When we dumped the soul, man became just another animal. And if man is just another animal, why, what’s wrong with treating him like any other animal? He may be penned, controlled, bred, and slaughtered as is convenient — and all by nice, ethical people. After all, a human soul is just the mechanical action of brain molecules, right? Right…

        It’s God or Godwin.