Feb 292012

Some books… selling them for $5.00 (plus postage) each. First come, first served… and by this I mean “first to comment, first to get ‘em.” To comment, click on the post title above (“Buy It Now: Pulp!”) and let me know which set(s) you want. US orders will ship via media mail unless other arrangements are made. Paypal prefered.
1) Ira Levin, “The Stepford Wives.” 1972, first edition with dust jacket. In really good condition.
2) Arthur Hailey, “Airport.” 1968, first edition with dust jacket. The jacket is a little rough, but the rest of the book is in really good condition.
3) E. M. Nathanson, “The Dirty Dozen.” 1965, first edition. No dust jacket. Book is in fairly good condition.
4) Payne Harrison, “Storming Intrepid.” 1989, first edition with dust jacket and plastic cover. Former Dugway Proving Ground Library book. Some library stamps and such, but otherwise virtually mint… looks like it was never checked out. I read this about two decades ago, and I recall it being substantially awesome. The Soviets steal a space shuttle; spies, armed spaceplanes and B-2 bombers laying waste. Woo!
5) A. Meritt, “The Metal Monster.” Hyperion press, 1974 paperback.
6) Garrett P. Serviss, “A Columbus of Space.” Hyperion press, 1974 paperback.
7) Harold Lamb, “Marching Sands.” Hyperion press, 1974.

The last three are quality reprints of early (1890s to 1940s) sci-fi yarns.

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  • James

    I’ll take Storming Intrepid!

  • James

    I’ll take the Airport book, too

  • Retrorocket

    I’d never heard of Storming Intrepid, after I read about the plot I was surprised how similar it was to a screenplay I read by Gale Ann Hurd called “Taking Liberty” which had a avery similar plot. TL was going to be made but instead they went with Armageddon.