Feb 292012

Last year, this video hit the YouTubes:

[youtube vcUDYBIrWio]

Since then, a whole bunch of other “strange sounds” vids have been posted… most, if not all, hoaxes, some of them really lame and obvious hoaxes. I would be entirely unsurprised to find that the original Kiev video is also a hoax. Still, hoax or not it has intensely creepy audio, with shades of the tripods from the 2005 “War of the Worlds.” Evidence of this being a hoax comes in the form of the sounds conveniently dying away during conversations.

The curious thing is, hoax or not, weird-ass sounds coming from everywhere, or the sky, or the ground are not new. For example, the “Lake Music” that haunted Yellowstone National Park from the 1800’s to the 1930’s.

The Kiev sounds *could* be explained by way of some industrial process – factory, train, construction, something – at some considerable distance, but unusual meteorological/wind conditions making a “channel” for the sound to come floating in. Note that the video is being shot from several stories up in an apartment complex… lots of opportunities for echoes  among these dreary-looking concrete boxes.

Living out here in a wide, flat rural valley you can sometimes here things from considerable distance… individual birds in the swamps several miles away, helicopters over the mountains, even conversations a mile away. There is a persistent low-frequency “hum” out here, audible in the warmer parts of the year; it sounds like a pump or some such…. which makes all kinds of sense. But after years of trying, I’ve been unable to locate it, and it’s annoying as hell… and the closer to underground you are, the louder it is. Which indicates that it’s a ground-mounted or sub-surface machine some distance from here, its sound transmitted through the ground rather than the air. Weird and annoying it may be, but it’s explainable (less easily explainable are the “electric arc” flashes I’ve seen twice out here that light up miles of territory – several miles of the Wasatch mountains, for example – for a split second, but that’s another story).

There’s a website devoted to these noises: http://strangesoundsinthesky.com/

And a Wikipedia entry on Unexplained Sounds.

One idea I like is that this is some sort of “Cloverfield” viral marketing campaign for a horror movie. The Kiev audio certainly would fit in with a Cthulhu flick.

However, if the sounds really are real, then I think there’s really only one explanation: Gjallarhorn.  Fenris the wolf will soon run loose. Jörmungandr will cause trouble in the seas, Surt will come forth and set fire to every damn thing. All that’s needed now is for Fimbulwinter to come along… admittedly, not something that seems too likely just now.

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  • Michael the Somewhat Civilized

    I lived in a house in the suburbs between 1979 and 1995. All that time the house vibrated. Anything small and able to rattle did so. I found it annoying at first but got accustomed to it. I assumed it was just the vibration from the large road 100 feet behind the house. When I had some spare time — I got laid off — I realized that there was no correlation between the amount of traffic on the road and the vibration. I never did figure out where it was coming from.

  • Michel Van

    This sound on Youtube video, i heard something similar and see what caused it.
    on a Parking they draged empty steel-container over concrete floor for Loading
    (the steel-container had no wheels they underside had direct contact with concrete)
    while dragging them over concrete the Container made similar sound with exact same timeframe

    i heard ones a “mistpoeffers” sounds like large gun that fired, no Aircraft, car or Gun to see

    also the Famous “Steglitzer Brummkreisel” in germany capitol Berlin
    that medium skyscraper who was build in Berlin district Steglitz
    it’s construction of Steelframe overlay with glass and chrome shed, swing in wind
    and produce a very annoying loud buzz sound inside an outside of Building.
    after years of stay empty, the city gave order to demolition of the building, much to relieve of neighbor

    Also is the low-frequency “hum” in rural area of Germany
    in summer this sound drive people in to agony
    several german federal states try to investigate the sound but can not to discover it’e origin
    most possible theory it’s caused by geological process