Feb 152012

Chicago Called Most Corrupt City In Nation

Has there *ever* been an honest politician from Chicago? None spring to mind.

The time is long since past for Illinois to secede from Cook County. Indiana could secede from Gary, and Chicago and Gary could merge into one giant black hole.

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  • Chicago a black hole?

    Under the Mandatory Internet Civility And Obama Preservation Act of 2011 I am required to say:


  • Bruce

    Chicago corrupt? Noooooooooooooooooo………j/k of course!!!!!!

  • Arluk iii

    Never been to Chicago… it looks really nice. The corruption is legendary, however.

  • I forwarded this story to a fellow at work who’s from Chicago (who now lives near Milwaukee) and is still an avid Chicago sports fan. He sent me back this snippet from Wikipedia:

    In 1969, Marge Lindheimer Everett, manager of Arlington Park and Washington Park race tracks, admitted bribing then-Governor Kerner and his Finance Director, Ted Isaacs, to gain choice racing dates and to get two expressway exits for her Arlington Park racetrack. The bribes were in the form of stock. The scandal came to light because Everett had deducted the value of the stock on her federal income tax returns in the belief that bribery was an ordinary and necessary business expense in Illinois.

    “Bribery was an ordinary and necessary business expense in Illinois!”

  • Bruce

    corruption and greed are also necessary?

  • Bruce

    Maybe they are….oh do they love their red light violations here!