Dec 312011

I found a stash of Aerospace Project Review issues from the original run. There may be a few more floating around, but not many and no more have been produced since these came out prior to 2005 or so. I found:

One (1) copy of issue V5N1, covering the Republic XF-103 and the Boeing Advanced Multipurpose Large Launch Vehicle. $10 plus postage.

Nine (9) One copy of issue V5N5, covering the Convair NX-2, the Spacejet concept, the Martin Model 262 VTOL fighter, Mach 3-4 supersonic transport, and a number of high speed rotorcraft. $10 each plus postage.

Seven (7) copy of issue V5N6, covering German WWII space efforts, X-Wing aircraft designs, Boeing WS-110A concepts and Dash-On-Warning designs. $20 each plus postage.

If you are interested in any or all of these, just comment your interest below. If you want 2 issues, it’s 10% off; if you want 3 or more, it’s 15% off.  You can get all of them, if you comment in time…

US orders will ship via Media Mail.

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  • Kbob42

    One of each, please!

  • Hubert Cance

    One of each, please, too!

  • Hubert Cance

    One of V5N5 and one of V5N6, please!

  • I’d like one of each of the two remaining, as well, please!

  • Circle-5

    I already have all of the original APRs, but I’ll leave this unnecessary comment anyway.

  • Eholck1

    One of V5N5 and one of V5N6, if there are any left .
    Happy NewYear!

  • Braungart

    One Number 5 and one Number 6, if any are left at this time, please send an invoice.
    Thanks and Happy New Year!

  • Ray Robb

    Hi Scott,

    I’d like one copy of V5N5, please…thanks.

    Ray Robb

  • Aim9Xray

    One copy each of V5N5 and 6, please. Thanks!

  • Donsimon

    Hi Scott. One copy of V5N5 please thanks.

    Don Simon